I knew it!


Feeders right on your window!

I knew it! I did! As sure as day comes after night, and night comes after day, I just knew that someday it would stop snowing, the temperatures would start warming up, and my little birdies would start coming back. I just knew spring would get here eventually! Spring projects are getting done – cleaning, scrubbing, painting, repairing, raking, mowing!  We are getting there!   Soooo when are you coming? Reservations are coming in daily, so don’t wait. Remember, we will rent any combinations of days, as long as it’s available. If you can only come for a few days, it’s okay. Over the next few weeks I will be featuring some things that are going on in the area on my blog. I will also be talking about some easy day trips you can do, always returning to your peaceful, quiet, cottage on the shore.

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